Friday, July 5

PPC (2007) vs MOJO (2013)


Details about the original PPC post here


Anonymous said...

PPC win by KO !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angelo,
any change Grahame Steinberg and Phil Angotti - Too Late Tomorrow?
Thanks in advanced

Faze said...

The victory goes to PPC -- but only by a couple songs. First, you have to eliminate the covers of Beatles covers. I mean, "Roll Over Beethoven" ... you may be able to imitate the Beatles version, but you don't cover it. That's a Chuck Berry cover. Same with "Please Mr. Postman", etc. Of the Mojo version, I'm only keeping two: "Hold Me Tight" and "I Wanna Be Your Man". They seem to be recorded by people who actually liked the song and wanted to capture something of the spirit of the music. All the others used the time-honored tribute strategies of either slowing the song down to an insanely slow speed, wimping it up in a mildly campy way, or trying to shoehorn it into an inappropriate genre or formula like reggae, ska, bluegrass, metal ... From the PPC version, I'm keeping six of the Beatles Originals. The Quick's "It Won't Be Long" is charming and energetic and you can tell they actually like the song and have played it lot and gave it some thought. Martin Moon's "All I Gotta Do" is bland and inoffensive, omits the song's characteristic rhythmic hook. But it's not horrible. Backbeat's "Not a Second Time" is extremely respectful of the original, but adds some nice decoration to this underrated original -- really one of the Beatles's early greats. The Eyes "I Wanna Be Your Man" is really a cover of the Stones' version of this song, performed with full appreciation of its crude essence. Nice "Little Child" by the Meatles, especially the thick harmonies on the "i'm so sad and lonely" parts. The guitar is annoying, but most lead guitarists are idiots so you don't expect much. "All My Loving" by Nick Heyward leaves out the driving rhythmic pattern that makes the original so compelling, but it picks up once the drums come in after the first verse. Congratulations PPC -- and thanks for all the great music in recent weeks. I'm just overwhelmed. You're the best!